3 Crazy Backpacks Found by The Backpack Guys

Having a crazy backpack can make you the centre of attention in any situation. Whether it’s a backpack with a crazy design or a backpack with abnormal features. Having a crazy backpack can be the perfect way to show your inner craziness to the world. The Backpack Guys have put the crazy backpacks to the test and discovered 3 favourite backpacks that people couldn’t help but stop to ask “where did you get your backpack from”.

Crazy Star Wars Chewbacca Backpack

This backpack was the one that got the most recognition for being the craziest backpack, let’s face it who doesn’t like Star Wars? And even if you don’t you have to appreciate how cool this backpack is. Unfortunately we could only stumble across a children’s size this didn’t stop us from making a child’s day with gifting them their very own Chewbacca backpack and watching them charge around as if they were Luke Skywalker waving a light saver. Trust us when we say if you have a child that likes Star Wars you have to invest 30 bucks to make going to school each day that extra bit more exciting as they take Chewbacca with them.

Crazy Backpack Designs By For U Designs

crazy backpacksFor U Designs really know how to design some dope backpacks. Our personal favourite was the Rottweiler Astronaut design but they do a mixture of crazy designs from a rhino wearing a leather jacket to a panda wearing a puffer jacket. Not only are the designs crazy the backpacks themselves are pretty functional as they feature some neat compartments for your everyday belongings and a special padded section for your laptop.

The bags are made from very lightweight breathable and comfortable mesh/900d polyester material giving padded support to your shoulders and back when carrying heavy objects such as your laptop and personal belongings. There is also a very handy pocket to the top of the bag which made perfect use to store your iPod, phone or mp3 player (if anyone still uses them) and have your headphones coming out of the top making it easy to listen to your music on the go.

The bag is one in a few that also comes in different size options – giving you the ability to choose a size that is convenient for you.

This bag was a big favourite with the Backpack Guys and was given an overall rating of 9.0.

Crazy Ants Multifunctional Waist Pack

Crazy Ants BackpackSome may say that this invention by Crazy Ants is just an over complicated belly bag (others may refer to the term as a fanny pack, a belt bag, a hip sack – the list is endless. Let’s just say a bag that sits around your waist). But in fact this seems to have its benefits – the Backpack Guy who tested this backpack was very grateful for its ability to store all his crap while out on a long hot day without the need to carry around a full backpack. Not only that but it allowed him to stay hands free when chasing around for his dogs.

This bag has 5 different ways to function – it can be used as a shoulder bag, a waist pack, handbag, backpack and chest pack all with the simple configuration to the straps. The pack has plenty of storage options from 2 main zipper sections into the bag and another 2 within the belt packet as well as 2 mesh net bottle packs making it easy to reach for a drink.

It can be used in all different sorts of weather. The water resistant nylon fabric makes it durable within rainy weather making it a perfect solution to bikers, hikers, climbers and any other outdoor exhibitionists. It also comes in some very stylish neon color variations.

Although this bag wasn’t solely a backpack we felt that is deserved a mention because of its handy features. This has to be the craziest bag we have come across in terms of features and adaptability which is why we gave it an overall rating of 9.1.

Notable Mentions

As I’m sure you can tell by the above three backpacks, there are a ton of wild and whacky products out there. We had so much fun finding these creative and eye-catching bags that we’ve decided to include some of the runner-up’s.

Emoji Backpack

Emoji Backpack
Emoji’s are everywhere nowadays. The fun, lovable characters have been made into things like cushions and stickers and even rucksacks. While they may not be the subtlest bags out there, they are guaranteed to turn heads with their bright, unusual design that looks incredibly cool amongst the crowd.

They can be used just like a normal backpack, and they would make an ideal school bag for your children. If you want to stand out amongst the crowd and have a truly unique backpack, this is the product for you.

Basketball Backpack

Basketball Backpack
Carrying your ball to and from the gym can be a pain, especially if you cycle or take public transport. Getting yourself a specialized basketball backpack is incredibly handy, especially if you play as much as I do. With a spherical, ball-sized compartment at the bottom of the bag, you are able to carry both your ball and your gym equipment with you, which is incredibly handy.
This incredibly practical backpack is ideal for people who love to play ball and I honestly can’t recommend it enough! If you’re looking for an easy way to carry your ball around, then this is certainly it. It comes with a built-in water-pouch which is also great for sports.

Hoodie Backpack

Backpack With Hood
Have you ever been caught in an unexpected rainstorm with no coat? Well, this backpack could certainly help you out. It’s essentially a normal rucksack with a hood built in and, while it may not be the most practical thing out there, it’s certainly the coolest.
This is quite possibly the weirdest, coolest, and the wackiest thing I’ve ever seen, which is why I had to have one! You’ll either love it or hate it, but I know what side of the fence I’m on. Because it comes with the body of a normal Backpack, you can essentially use it as normal, unlike some of the other crazy backpacks on our list.