3 Crazy Backpacks Found by The Backpack Guys

Having a crazy backpack can make you the centre of attention in any situation. Whether it’s a backpack with a crazy design or a backpack with abnormal features. Having a crazy backpack can be the perfect way to show your inner craziness to the world. The Backpack Guys have put the crazy backpacks to the test and discovered 3 favourite backpacks that people couldn’t help but stop to ask “where did you get your backpack from”.

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How to Tie Dye A Backpack

Most of my friends tend to dye their backpacks as they find it really cool. Well, I am someone who likes to keep their backpacks the way it is, but looking at the number of people who really want to tie dye their backpacks, I have decided to share some of the tips that might help them to dye their backpacks perfectly.

Whether it’s your trendy backpack that you carry to college or the one you use solely for traveling purposes, you can dye any type of backpacks you want. But before you go ahead and dye your backpack, you need to know what fabric your backpack is made of. Remember cotton is not the only fabric that you can tie dye. Here are a few tips on how to tie dye a backpack—

  • Determine your backpack fabric – Before you want to tie dye your backpack, you need to know what the fabric of your backpack is. Determine whether its cotton, nylon or polyester, as the method of dyeing your backpack will vary from fabric to fabric.
  • Determine the color and type of your Dye – if your backpack fabric is nylon, then you need to use acid dye powders. You can use any type of color of your choice. Use a branded dye as that you do not have to be disappointed later on.
  • Preparing your dye – use the whole packet of dye. Put the dye in a small container so that it gives you an intense mixture. That will maximize the coverage of your backpack and it will absorb a lot of dye. However, you can dye your backpack using a various methods. But what I prefer is the one where you need to put the dye mixture on a stovetop. This technique gives you the best results when it comes to dyeing your nylon backpack. Also, if you are using a dark color, heating the dye will provide you amazing results.
  • Heating instructions – get a huge stainless steel saucepan or a saucepan that is large enough to carry your backpack. Cover the saucepan with the prepared dye and put it into the gas stove. Let it heat; stir the mixture during the process. Put the gas stove into simmer mode once you see bubbles in your die.
  • Put your backpack in the dye bath – Before you put the backpack in the dye mixture, remove the parts of your backpack you do not want to tie dye. Now check your dye mixture and see if the powder is dissolved fully. Now carefully start submerging your backpack with the dye bath. Do not make it fast. If you do it in a hurry, then the dye may come out over the edge of the saucepan. Keep the backpack inside the saucepan for a while. Let the air escape. The dye will slowly be absorbed into the backpack. Keep the backpack inside the dye bath while simmering for at least 30 minutes, stirring continuously.
  • Rinse the backpack – after you take out the backpack from the dye bath, you will see how beautifully your backpack has been dyed. Now rinse the backpack in cold water several times. That will remove the excess dye from your backpack. Rinse until the water runs clear. Now put the backpack in the dryer and let the dye fix on your backpack. You can also let it dry naturally.

Well the key is to get the best dyed backpack is to be patient. As they say, good things come to people who wait. So be patient while dyeing your backpack. Let us know your dyeing experience in the comment box. Good luck dyeing!

How to Pack Clothes in a Backpack

You must have been through the argument with your partner about the best way to pack your clothes in your backpack. Do you need to roll your clothes or it’s better to fold them to keep them away from wrinkles? This question may have bothered you a lot.

Well, the right way of packing your clothes depends on various factors, for instance, the manner of your trip or the type of your backpacks. If your trip is a business one, you might want to fold your clothes rather than rolling them. However, most backpackers prefer to roll their clothes perfectly inside the backpack.

Whether it’s rolling or folding, both need to be done in a perfect way if you want to keep your clothes away from wrinkles. The size of your backpack also matters a lot here. Backpacks that are ideal for college also can be used for traveling as they are trendy and also good enough to put all the clothes properly.

Before you start packing your clothes, you need to take care of a few things—

  • Selecting the right clothes—you cannot simply pack anything and everything in your backpack and carry them. You need to choose the right type of clothes. Choose the clothes that are light in weight and are the most essentials. Avoid unnecessary clothes. Decide how many pairs of shoes you need.
  • Rolling your clothes – well, rolling your clothes saves a lot of space in your backpack. It is also a good way to keep your clothes away from getting wrinkles. How to roll your clothes? When it comes to tops or shirts, start by vertically folding the body in half and then fold in the sleeves. At the end, roll hem tightly. For any pants or jeans, first, fold them in half and then roll them tight.
  • Folding of your clothes – some people say folding is better than rolling. But whether you are folding or rolling, you need to do it right. You already might know how to fold your shirts or pants. If you fold your clothes the right way, you will get enough space on your backpack and your clothes will not get any wrinkles.
  • Use of containers – use a packing container or a cube to put your rolled clothes. Packing cube basically is a mesh box, which comes in a pretty lightweight frame and they are designed to hold the rolled clothes tightly. Or if you have folded your clothes then use the packing folders. This way the stack of your clothes will not get any wrinkles whether it’s rolled tightly or folded perfectly.
  • Put your bags in a jigsaw puzzle way – You cannot overstuff your backpack and you cannot keep any empty space in it as well. So the best way is to put your stuff like a jigsaw puzzle. Put things in a way so that there is enough space for movement. Put the heavy items in the bottom, fit all your packing containers s closely as possible and then use power adapters, shoes or other items to fill up the gaps.

Packing your clothes is easy. All you have to do is fold or roll and put it in the container. Follow the above steps properly and you will get wrinkle free packed clothes. Good luck!

How to Embroider On a Backpack

The last time I met my friend Nina, I saw this beautiful embroidery on her backpack. Honestly, I thought it was pre-made, but then she told me that she made it on her own. And as I never shy away from learning these new tricks, I took all the information needed on how to embroider on a backpack from her.

Embroidering on your backpack quite an easy task. All you need is a needle and thread, well, different colors of thread to be specific. And trust me, be it your amazing backpack that you carry to college or the one that you use solely for traveling purposes, embroideries look beautiful on every one of them.

How to start

  • Select the area of the backpack – You first need to select the area where you want to embroider. Pick a surface that is wider. The part of the backpack you wish to embellish matters a lot.
  • Draw it out – Draw your idea or your design on a piece of paper first. Once you find it perfect, draw the outlines on your backpack with tailor’s chalk.
  • Check out for your embroidery supply – Check out if you have the perfect needles and threads of various colors. Preferably colors of your choice.
  • Use of the embroidery hoop – you need to use an embroidery hoop in order to hold the fabric taut. Well, some backpack materials are thick and your embroider hoop may not be able to hold it. In that case, be careful with using the embroidery hoop. Make sure you take care of the fact that how hard you pull on each stitch.
  • The right embroidery thread – if you want the best results, then use a color fast embroidery thread so that there will be no issues in the future while you wash your backpack.
  • The right type of thickness to your floss – Depending on your design, determine what type of thickness you want on your floss or yarn.
  • Start with the innermost section of your design—start stitching from the innermost section of your design. That will not only give you perfect outcome, but also give you the liberty to make any changes if you want. Or, you can also start by stitching with the darkest color.
  • Never let go of your fabric taut – you need to hold the fabric taut still while you are stitching. If you let it go even once, then the slightest of tugs on the embroidery floss may pucker the embroidery. Eventually, your backpack will pucker and it will look weird after you finish embroidering.
  • Tie the threads – always tie off each of the threads carefully so that it does not unravel later on.
  • Iron the area – after you finish embroidering your backpack, iron that particular area. It will make the area smooth. Your beautiful embroidery is ready.

So now if you want to embroider your backpack, here are the best ways that I have provided. Be sure to make the best out of it. Share us your pictures of embroidered backpacks below.

How to Draw On a Backpack

I still remember during my college days, my roommate used to try and draw on her backpack. I, however, always preferred my backpack to be simple. Although I loved what she used to draw, but sometimes she used to mess things up as she wasn’t a pro.

Well your backpack reveals a lot about your personality and if you are one of those who love designs, then you might consider drawing something on your backpack. It is quite easy and whether it’s your trendy backpack that you carry to college or the rough and tough one that accompanies you on your trips, these drawings will give a different look to all.

Whether you like it or not, drawing on your backpacks is trendy and most people love it. And if you also want to draw something on your backpack, but don’t know how to start with, then you may have to follow the simple steps below—

  • Step 1: Plan your drawing – Are you a fan of Goku or a Game of Thrones? Do you like cute furry animals or you like dragons? Decide what you want to draw on your backpack. It might be just your name or even a beautiful picture of your favorite cartoon character. Because once you draw something, there is no going back. Therefore, decide wisely. First draw that on a piece of paper, just to make sure you do not mess it up while you draw it on your backpack. What will you need? Well, you will need the following items—
  • Your Backpack of course, preferably a light colored one
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Paper
  • sharpie Marker preferably a permanent one
  • Fabric paint
  • Step 2: Let’s Draw – First draw the decided picture on your backpack. Make sure you first draw it with a pencil. When you are sure that the drawing has turned out to be perfect, then out line it with the sharpie marker. Outlining it with the marker will make the drawing more visible and distinct. The more the outlines are sharp; more the drawing will look beautiful.
  • Step 3: The Fun Part – Now here comes the fun part. Once you are done with outlining your drawing, start coloring them with fabric paint. Well this is my favorite part among all. Make sure you color the designs carefully. Do not let it out from the edge of your designs. Tada! Your drawing is ready and your backpack looks amazing! Oh yes! Let it dry.

What will you do if your backpack color is too dark to draw? Well, you can draw the design on a canvas first, and then stick it with glue on the surface of your backpack. For that you need a backpack with a large surface. But before you stick the canvas on the backpack, make sure you let the painting dry.

So no more dull and boring backpacks as here I have provided you the best ways on how to draw on your backpack. Grab your pencils and start drawing your favorite designs now. Let us know how it has turned out. Good luck!

How to Choose the Best Backpack

We all know the variety of backpack is endless with infinite numbers of shapes, size, color, style and weight. But what matters the most is that if you have chosen the right backpack for yourself. You can always find the trending backpacks or the ones with amazing style or some with great size and shapes, but how would you consider one to be the best one for you?

While you buy backpacks online, you can always find sites which give you a wide range of style, shape or size, but best backpacks that you can carry to college or to trips are hard to find. So here are a few things you need to take care of before you buy the best backpack for yourself. Before you go ahead and buy a backpack here are the first three things you need to take seriously—

  • Backpack fit – the backpack should fit you, it should not be of your height and look for the torso length.
  • Backpack capacity – the backpack capacity matters the most. It completely depends on your trip, how long your trip is, how much things you are going to need and how much weight you are going to carry on that particular trip.
  • Backpack features – backpack features are most important yet some people neglect it. Do not neglect it. An extra water bottle holder on your backpack is a boon.

However here I can give you a fair idea about the best backpack choices depending on some various other factors—

  • Backpack choices depending on your trip length – The backpacks that you are going to carry should depend on the nature of your trip and its length. Here is how—
  • Weekend – The weekend trips are hardly for 1-3 days. So you can carry less bulky backpacks say of somewhere around 30-50 liters. But be sure to do the packing the right way.
  • Multi days – In case if you are going for a trip that will take you 3- 5 days then you should carry a backpack of 50-80 liters.
  • Trips in winter or longer trips – If you are going for a trip for more than 5 days then you need a backpack of 70 liters or more. Even when its winter you might use the same backpack as you will need extra clothes pr shoes, some extra socks and hot water bottles.
  • Backpack choices depending on some features – You should also choose backpacks that have some extra features. For example extra pockets like elasticized side pockets, Hip belt pockets, shovel pockets and front pockets. Also look for sleeping bag compartment, Top lid, and padding and attachment points. If you see a backpack that has rain cover and hydration reservoir, never miss that one.
  • Backpack choices depending on the fit – Before you go ahead and buy a backpack always look for the size. Never buy a backpack of your same height. Always look for the torso length. Although all the ranges vary depending on various things. Such as the manufacturer and the gender. Always look for the product specification. The waist size is very important when you are looking for a backpack because 80% of your backpack’s weight should be supported by your hips. Therefore do not choose a backpack which is larger than your waist size. However if your backpack has load lifter straps and sternum straps then it’s the perfect one for you.

Choosing the right backpack is easy. All you have to do is pay a little attention. Now before you go ahead and buy a backpack, do follow these simple tips. Good Luck!