How to Deal with a Heavy Backpack

I still remember during my school and college days I often had to go through the pain of carrying a heavy backpack. And I know how painful it can be as I have been through the same. But now when I go for trips or hiking, I do not really have to worry much about a heavy backpack as I can handle it pretty well.

Well it can be your trendy backpack that you carry to college or the one with lots of other features that you solely use for hiking, but if you are uncomfortable with it, you are never going to like the experience. So here are a few tips to you on how to handle a heavy backpack—

  • Distribute your weight – You know what you have to carry, you know how much weight you are going to carry, so why put it on the same place? When you pack your backpack, always remember that you need to distribute the weight all over. You cannot simply put it on the same place. Always remember that the heaviest items should be at the bottom of the backpack so that while you carry your backpack they are at the closest to your back. Make sure you adjust your straps well.
  • The heaviest items should be at the bottom – The heaviest items of your backpack should be put at the bottom of your backpack. The weight should always be close to your back. If you do not do that, your body will not be able to accept the weight properly and you will feel quite uncomfortable while walking. This might even affect the back of your body.
  • Do not just simply put everything – I see a lot of people just lugging everything on their backpack and carry it. Just because your backpack can carry weight, does not mean it should. So while you are packing, be wise enough to leave unwanted stuffs. For example you will not probably needing a hair styler or a straightner if you are going for a hiking. That is not that important. Leave the unnecessary stuffs at home.
  • Do not carry weight beyond your bodyweight – While you are carrying your backpack, always carry only 15% of your bodyweight. Never cross that limit. For instance, if you weigh 145 pounds, then you can carry a backpack that weighs 21 pounds at the most. Not beyond that. Weight beyond that might hamper the bottom of your body.
  • Always use both of the straps – Using one strap while carrying your backpack may make you feel tired and your back will not like it as well. Always carry your backpack with both of the straps. This way you can feel comfortable while walking.

Using heavy backpacks are quite mandatory at times but you can easily handle them well with the right way. All you have to do is do it with the right way. Follow these steps properly that I have provided you above and you are good to go.