How to Fix a Zipper on a Backpack

What makes you more annoyed than an old backpack; an old backpack with a broken zipper. This is true. Most of us go through the pain of dealing with a broken zipper. And rather than fixing it, we opt for a new backpack. The reason behind this can be anything, for instance, laziness or you do not know how to fix a broken zipper.

So if you do not know how to fix a broken zipper, here are the best ways to fix them. Whether it’s your backpack that you carry to college or the ones that accompany you to trips, these life hacks can be used everywhere.

  1. Fix the zipper that got stuck—sometimes your zipper might get stuck in between. What you can do? Follow these tips—
  • Lubricate the zipper with graphite. Just run a pencil through the zipper’s teeth. After that wiggle the slider up and down.
  • You can also apply laundry soap on your zipper. Dip one cotton ball into the laundry soap, soak it into the water. Now slide the cotton ball up and down through the zipper’s teeth. Wiggle the slider up and down.
  1. Fix the separated zipper – most of the times your backpack becomes the victim of separated zipper. The reason is excessive load on your backpack. Here is what you can do—
  • Unload unnecessary items from your backpack. Put them in another bag.
  • Most zippers get separated because of a bent tooth. If you find one, then tighten it with the help of tweezers or needle nose pliers.
  1. Fix the broken Zipper – when your zipper gets broken, here is what you can do—
  • Find the reason or the point where the damage started. If the damage occurred near the top of your zipper or if one of the teeth is missing at the top of your zipper or the slider is bent, then you can easily fix the problem, but in case there are teeth missing on the bottom or middle, then you need to replace the entire zipper.
  • Remove the top zipper stops off the backpack with a pair of pliers. Pull hard and remove the both stops. Replace them with a new pair of stops.
  • If your slider is broken, then fix it or replace it. Now if you want to fix it, look at the slider of your zipper from inside. What do you see? Do you see the space between the bottom and top of your zipper uneven? If it is uneven then it will create problems for your slider to engage the zipper teeth properly. You can either just replace it or bend it with a pair of pliers. If you are planning to replace your zipper, first look for the size of the slider. After that put it on the slider.

There are lots of ways to replace your zipper or fix it. You can choose any of the above ways. So now rather than buying new backpacks for yourself whenever you damage your zipper, try fixing it on your own. Or if you do not want any breakage to happen to your zipper, then just take a bit of care of your backpacks.