How to Add Water Bottle Pockets to Your Backpack? The Easy Way!

In my earlier days when I used to travel or go hiking, I often used to run out of water even before reaching my destination. The reason – I did not use to pack enough water bottles. Most backpacks have only one water bottle pocket on the outside, but honestly that is not enough. So what did I do? I added some more water bottle pockets to my backpack.

Adding water bottle pockets to your backpack is quite easy and it does not take much time. The idea behind this project is to increase the amount of water one can take to outdoor without compromising on the volume of their backpacks.

Although I already had a good backpack for college, it wasn’t providing me with enough storage space for my water. Now how to add extra water bottle pocket to your backpack? The answer is a water bottle holder, which you can easily strap anywhere on your backpack, shoulder strap or even on your belt.

Depending on the design of your water bottle holder, you can get add them to your backpack. Here are the designs available—

  • The one with the hook and loop – this one has a carabiner and a loop that goes around the bottle with some paracord. Add these bottle holders to your backpack with some straps or you can also use the carabiner hook.
  • The one with the paracord – this one has a fitted net around the bottle. You will find it quite interesting as there are a lot of design options available for the types of knots. You can attach them to your backpack with the carabiner.
  • The one with the fabric – this one is quite simple and I personally love this one. The holder is entirely made of fabric. You need to sew this one on the backpack.

There are other options available if you want to add water bottle pockets to your backpack. The issue here is if you are not someone who is not good with sewing and stuff, then you might not be able to add them properly.

Adding the water bottle pocket to your backpack will give you a better experience in your hiking as you will not run out of water. All you have to do is find the perfect bottle holder and attach it to your backpack. Share your experience with us and good luck!