How to Attach Tent to Backpack – We found an easier way!

I have seen a lot of people struggling with the decision of whether to put the tent in the backpack or attach it outside. When it comes to attaching the tent outside the backpack, it requires a lot of attention as the wrong way will put you in trouble while carrying the backpack.

But before you go ahead and think about attaching the tent to your backpack, here are few things you might want to know—

  • Attaching the backpack outside will save you a lot of space inside.
  • But it may rip a hole in your gear when you put your backpack on the ground.
  • There might be a problem for you to balance your backpack.
  • The tent may fall off from your backpack.

But if you pack the tent inside your backpack, the following things you might want to know—

  • Less space inside your backpack.
  • Will never fall off from your backpack
  • Better balance while you are carrying your backpack
  • Your tent will be protected from the elements like rocks or branches.

Attaching the tent outside you backpack

The first thing you should remember that attaching a tent outside your backpack saves you a lot of space inside. However, if you are a beginner, then you might need a few tips on how to attach your tent outside your backpack—

  • Roll your tent perfectly – before you are going to put the tent anywhere, whether it’s outside or inside, you need to roll the tent body perfectly.
  • Using the Floating Lids – Well, most backpacks that you carry to your college and also for hiking or trips do have floating lids. The floating lids are actually top pockets attached to the pack with the help of 4 webbing straps. These are used to attach things like your tent body, sleeping pads or sleeping bags.
  • Put the tent body in the right place – Your tent is the heaviest item of all. Therefore, you need to put the tent a little higher in your body and quite close to your spine. If you put the tent in the lower lid, then that will hamper your body balance.
  • Put the tent horizontally – bulky items like tents, sleeping pads or sleeping bags should be put horizontally on your backpack.

Putting your tent inside the backpack

When you are putting the tent inside the backpack, you need to remember that it is the heaviest item in your backpack. Here are a few tips—

  • Put the tent directly at the top of your sleeping bag.
  • Avoid the tent’s stuff sack or else that will take more space in your backpack than needed.
  • Use a foldable tent.
  • Put the tent poles vertically on your backpack. Put them in the gap between the back of your backpack and the sleeping bag. That will save you a lot of space.
  • As the tent is the heaviest item in your backpack, therefore put the tent at the highest of your body and closer to your spine. That will balance your backpack while you are carrying it.

So here I have provided you the best ways to attach your tent on your backpack. You can either attach it outside your backpack or put it inside. It totally depends on you.