How to Choose the Best Backpack

We all know the variety of backpack is endless with infinite numbers of shapes, size, color, style and weight. But what matters the most is that if you have chosen the right backpack for yourself. You can always find the trending backpacks or the ones with amazing style or some with great size and shapes, but how would you consider one to be the best one for you?

While you buy backpacks online, you can always find sites which give you a wide range of style, shape or size, but best backpacks that you can carry to college or to trips are hard to find. So here are a few things you need to take care of before you buy the best backpack for yourself. Before you go ahead and buy a backpack here are the first three things you need to take seriously—

  • Backpack fit – the backpack should fit you, it should not be of your height and look for the torso length.
  • Backpack capacity – the backpack capacity matters the most. It completely depends on your trip, how long your trip is, how much things you are going to need and how much weight you are going to carry on that particular trip.
  • Backpack features – backpack features are most important yet some people neglect it. Do not neglect it. An extra water bottle holder on your backpack is a boon.

However here I can give you a fair idea about the best backpack choices depending on some various other factors—

  • Backpack choices depending on your trip length – The backpacks that you are going to carry should depend on the nature of your trip and its length. Here is how—
  • Weekend – The weekend trips are hardly for 1-3 days. So you can carry less bulky backpacks say of somewhere around 30-50 liters. But be sure to do the packing the right way.
  • Multi days – In case if you are going for a trip that will take you 3- 5 days then you should carry a backpack of 50-80 liters.
  • Trips in winter or longer trips – If you are going for a trip for more than 5 days then you need a backpack of 70 liters or more. Even when its winter you might use the same backpack as you will need extra clothes pr shoes, some extra socks and hot water bottles.
  • Backpack choices depending on some features – You should also choose backpacks that have some extra features. For example extra pockets like elasticized side pockets, Hip belt pockets, shovel pockets and front pockets. Also look for sleeping bag compartment, Top lid, and padding and attachment points. If you see a backpack that has rain cover and hydration reservoir, never miss that one.
  • Backpack choices depending on the fit – Before you go ahead and buy a backpack always look for the size. Never buy a backpack of your same height. Always look for the torso length. Although all the ranges vary depending on various things. Such as the manufacturer and the gender. Always look for the product specification. The waist size is very important when you are looking for a backpack because 80% of your backpack’s weight should be supported by your hips. Therefore do not choose a backpack which is larger than your waist size. However if your backpack has load lifter straps and sternum straps then it’s the perfect one for you.

Choosing the right backpack is easy. All you have to do is pay a little attention. Now before you go ahead and buy a backpack, do follow these simple tips. Good Luck!