How to Draw On a Backpack

I still remember during my college days, my roommate used to try and draw on her backpack. I, however, always preferred my backpack to be simple. Although I loved what she used to draw, but sometimes she used to mess things up as she wasn’t a pro.

Well your backpack reveals a lot about your personality and if you are one of those who love designs, then you might consider drawing something on your backpack. It is quite easy and whether it’s your trendy backpack that you carry to college or the rough and tough one that accompanies you on your trips, these drawings will give a different look to all.

Whether you like it or not, drawing on your backpacks is trendy and most people love it. And if you also want to draw something on your backpack, but don’t know how to start with, then you may have to follow the simple steps below—

  • Step 1: Plan your drawing – Are you a fan of Goku or a Game of Thrones? Do you like cute furry animals or you like dragons? Decide what you want to draw on your backpack. It might be just your name or even a beautiful picture of your favorite cartoon character. Because once you draw something, there is no going back. Therefore, decide wisely. First draw that on a piece of paper, just to make sure you do not mess it up while you draw it on your backpack. What will you need? Well, you will need the following items—
  • Your Backpack of course, preferably a light colored one
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Paper
  • sharpie Marker preferably a permanent one
  • Fabric paint
  • Step 2: Let’s Draw – First draw the decided picture on your backpack. Make sure you first draw it with a pencil. When you are sure that the drawing has turned out to be perfect, then out line it with the sharpie marker. Outlining it with the marker will make the drawing more visible and distinct. The more the outlines are sharp; more the drawing will look beautiful.
  • Step 3: The Fun Part – Now here comes the fun part. Once you are done with outlining your drawing, start coloring them with fabric paint. Well this is my favorite part among all. Make sure you color the designs carefully. Do not let it out from the edge of your designs. Tada! Your drawing is ready and your backpack looks amazing! Oh yes! Let it dry.

What will you do if your backpack color is too dark to draw? Well, you can draw the design on a canvas first, and then stick it with glue on the surface of your backpack. For that you need a backpack with a large surface. But before you stick the canvas on the backpack, make sure you let the painting dry.

So no more dull and boring backpacks as here I have provided you the best ways on how to draw on your backpack. Grab your pencils and start drawing your favorite designs now. Let us know how it has turned out. Good luck!