How to Embroider On a Backpack

The last time I met my friend Nina, I saw this beautiful embroidery on her backpack. Honestly, I thought it was pre-made, but then she told me that she made it on her own. And as I never shy away from learning these new tricks, I took all the information needed on how to embroider on a backpack from her.

Embroidering on your backpack quite an easy task. All you need is a needle and thread, well, different colors of thread to be specific. And trust me, be it your amazing backpack that you carry to college or the one that you use solely for traveling purposes, embroideries look beautiful on every one of them.

How to start

  • Select the area of the backpack – You first need to select the area where you want to embroider. Pick a surface that is wider. The part of the backpack you wish to embellish matters a lot.
  • Draw it out – Draw your idea or your design on a piece of paper first. Once you find it perfect, draw the outlines on your backpack with tailor’s chalk.
  • Check out for your embroidery supply – Check out if you have the perfect needles and threads of various colors. Preferably colors of your choice.
  • Use of the embroidery hoop – you need to use an embroidery hoop in order to hold the fabric taut. Well, some backpack materials are thick and your embroider hoop may not be able to hold it. In that case, be careful with using the embroidery hoop. Make sure you take care of the fact that how hard you pull on each stitch.
  • The right embroidery thread – if you want the best results, then use a color fast embroidery thread so that there will be no issues in the future while you wash your backpack.
  • The right type of thickness to your floss – Depending on your design, determine what type of thickness you want on your floss or yarn.
  • Start with the innermost section of your design—start stitching from the innermost section of your design. That will not only give you perfect outcome, but also give you the liberty to make any changes if you want. Or, you can also start by stitching with the darkest color.
  • Never let go of your fabric taut – you need to hold the fabric taut still while you are stitching. If you let it go even once, then the slightest of tugs on the embroidery floss may pucker the embroidery. Eventually, your backpack will pucker and it will look weird after you finish embroidering.
  • Tie the threads – always tie off each of the threads carefully so that it does not unravel later on.
  • Iron the area – after you finish embroidering your backpack, iron that particular area. It will make the area smooth. Your beautiful embroidery is ready.

So now if you want to embroider your backpack, here are the best ways that I have provided. Be sure to make the best out of it. Share us your pictures of embroidered backpacks below.