How to Pack Clothes in a Backpack

You must have been through the argument with your partner about the best way to pack your clothes in your backpack. Do you need to roll your clothes or it’s better to fold them to keep them away from wrinkles? This question may have bothered you a lot.

Well, the right way of packing your clothes depends on various factors, for instance, the manner of your trip or the type of your backpacks. If your trip is a business one, you might want to fold your clothes rather than rolling them. However, most backpackers prefer to roll their clothes perfectly inside the backpack.

Whether it’s rolling or folding, both need to be done in a perfect way if you want to keep your clothes away from wrinkles. The size of your backpack also matters a lot here. Backpacks that are ideal for college also can be used for traveling as they are trendy and also good enough to put all the clothes properly.

Before you start packing your clothes, you need to take care of a few things—

  • Selecting the right clothes—you cannot simply pack anything and everything in your backpack and carry them. You need to choose the right type of clothes. Choose the clothes that are light in weight and are the most essentials. Avoid unnecessary clothes. Decide how many pairs of shoes you need.
  • Rolling your clothes – well, rolling your clothes saves a lot of space in your backpack. It is also a good way to keep your clothes away from getting wrinkles. How to roll your clothes? When it comes to tops or shirts, start by vertically folding the body in half and then fold in the sleeves. At the end, roll hem tightly. For any pants or jeans, first, fold them in half and then roll them tight.
  • Folding of your clothes – some people say folding is better than rolling. But whether you are folding or rolling, you need to do it right. You already might know how to fold your shirts or pants. If you fold your clothes the right way, you will get enough space on your backpack and your clothes will not get any wrinkles.
  • Use of containers – use a packing container or a cube to put your rolled clothes. Packing cube basically is a mesh box, which comes in a pretty lightweight frame and they are designed to hold the rolled clothes tightly. Or if you have folded your clothes then use the packing folders. This way the stack of your clothes will not get any wrinkles whether it’s rolled tightly or folded perfectly.
  • Put your bags in a jigsaw puzzle way – You cannot overstuff your backpack and you cannot keep any empty space in it as well. So the best way is to put your stuff like a jigsaw puzzle. Put things in a way so that there is enough space for movement. Put the heavy items in the bottom, fit all your packing containers s closely as possible and then use power adapters, shoes or other items to fill up the gaps.

Packing your clothes is easy. All you have to do is fold or roll and put it in the container. Follow the above steps properly and you will get wrinkle free packed clothes. Good luck!