How to Run With a Backpack

The last time I was on a trip, an incident took place which I still laugh at. Although I am quite good with planning and stuff when it comes to trips, the last trip was a chaos. I did not have much time to pack and also it was raining and ugh! So many issues in one go. Anyway, what happened was that, we had to run through the edges of the hill to a better place for camping as it was raining really heavy. That was really a horrible and miserable experience. I had my backpack with me. I was about to fall down quite a few times and also a lot of things fell on the grown.

Well, that was indeed a really bad experience, yes; but that taught me how to run with a backpack efficiently. You may have been through the same as I, so here are a few tips for you on how to run with a backpack.

Well, it does not matter what type of backpack you are using, it might be your best backpack that you carry to college or a backpack that you carry for hiking, these tips will help you to run with it without any issues.

  • Although we prefer using a wide backpack to carry while we are on trips, there are a few things you might consider. Always try to carry a backpack that is lightweight. Also see if the shoulder straps are narrow and soft or not. However, we need a lot of space in our backpacks to carry stuff, but if you already know that you might have to run, then do prefer a backpack that has fewer compartments, flaps, buckles or straps.
  • Try to minimize the load of your backpack as much as possible. Also, when you are hiking or trekking, make sure you do not wear heavier clothes. Try to keep your clothes as lightweight as possible.
  • After you hoist your backpack, make sure you tighten the straps of your backpack. See if the backpack tightly sits perfectly on your back or not. But in case you are going for jogging, look out for your body’s movement. You do not want it to be uncomfortable.
  • If your backpack has waist straps and chest straps, then you might consider using them too. That will have a good balance on your backpack.
  • Now you are good to go. Once you start running, you will notice the movements of your backpack. The first few minutes might make you feel irritated, but eventually you will like the groove.

So here are a few ways on how to run with the backpack. Well, I hope you know that running with the backpack might help you to lose weight. So as of now if you have been jogging alone, then it’s time you carry your backpack along with you every morning. Follow these steps and there will be no more problems for you when you want to run with a backpack. Good Luck.