How to Tie Dye A Backpack

Most of my friends tend to dye their backpacks as they find it really cool. Well, I am someone who likes to keep their backpacks the way it is, but looking at the number of people who really want to tie dye their backpacks, I have decided to share some of the tips that might help them to dye their backpacks perfectly.

Whether it’s your trendy backpack that you carry to college or the one you use solely for traveling purposes, you can dye any type of backpacks you want. But before you go ahead and dye your backpack, you need to know what fabric your backpack is made of. Remember cotton is not the only fabric that you can tie dye. Here are a few tips on how to tie dye a backpack—

  • Determine your backpack fabric – Before you want to tie dye your backpack, you need to know what the fabric of your backpack is. Determine whether its cotton, nylon or polyester, as the method of dyeing your backpack will vary from fabric to fabric.
  • Determine the color and type of your Dye – if your backpack fabric is nylon, then you need to use acid dye powders. You can use any type of color of your choice. Use a branded dye as that you do not have to be disappointed later on.
  • Preparing your dye – use the whole packet of dye. Put the dye in a small container so that it gives you an intense mixture. That will maximize the coverage of your backpack and it will absorb a lot of dye. However, you can dye your backpack using a various methods. But what I prefer is the one where you need to put the dye mixture on a stovetop. This technique gives you the best results when it comes to dyeing your nylon backpack. Also, if you are using a dark color, heating the dye will provide you amazing results.
  • Heating instructions – get a huge stainless steel saucepan or a saucepan that is large enough to carry your backpack. Cover the saucepan with the prepared dye and put it into the gas stove. Let it heat; stir the mixture during the process. Put the gas stove into simmer mode once you see bubbles in your die.
  • Put your backpack in the dye bath – Before you put the backpack in the dye mixture, remove the parts of your backpack you do not want to tie dye. Now check your dye mixture and see if the powder is dissolved fully. Now carefully start submerging your backpack with the dye bath. Do not make it fast. If you do it in a hurry, then the dye may come out over the edge of the saucepan. Keep the backpack inside the saucepan for a while. Let the air escape. The dye will slowly be absorbed into the backpack. Keep the backpack inside the dye bath while simmering for at least 30 minutes, stirring continuously.
  • Rinse the backpack – after you take out the backpack from the dye bath, you will see how beautifully your backpack has been dyed. Now rinse the backpack in cold water several times. That will remove the excess dye from your backpack. Rinse until the water runs clear. Now put the backpack in the dryer and let the dye fix on your backpack. You can also let it dry naturally.

Well the key is to get the best dyed backpack is to be patient. As they say, good things come to people who wait. So be patient while dyeing your backpack. Let us know your dyeing experience in the comment box. Good luck dyeing!