Top 5 Best Laptop Backpacks For College Students

As much as we hate eavesdropping, anything remotely connected to backpacks tends to magically draw our attention towards it. And as strange as it may seem, people discuss backpacks in the most unlikely places. The most recent example was a conversation that we overheard in the men’s room in a hospital. The tête-à-tête was between a podgy middle aged man and a younger guy. The topic of discussion? the best laptop backpacks for college students.

The older guy was all for buying a chic upscale messenger cause it looked trendier. The other guy though, was rooting for a more rugged backpack that could sustain the abuse that laptop backpacks for college are supposed to undergo.

We completely agree. That’s one of the toughest decisions on the planet to make. Certainly tougher than deciding whom to vote for. And we figured that with college about to begin soon, putting our two cents over here could make things easier for our readers.

If you are struggling to select a laptop backpack for college for the upcoming year, here are some factors to consider and our pick of the best five backpacks in the market which makes the best laptop backpacks for college students.

What defines a good laptop backpack for college?

We spoke to hundreds of students in varying age groups about their preferences when it comes to laptop backpacks for college. We also spent a good amount of time digging through user forums and student communities on the subject. Surprisingly enough, most of them opined that spaciousness and security supersede style and appearance.

Laptop backpacks for college students will contain a lot more than just the laptop and notebooks. That’s like an unsaid truth. The last thing you want is a bag that only has limited room and looks like an overstuffed knapsack or wears you down making you look like a turtle.

Also, it should keep your emergency cash, your card, your cell phone, your iPod and other expensive items secure. So a padlock or a secret compartment is a definite plus.

Did we forget to mention weather resistance? We believe that you don’t fancy walking through rain with a bag that is not water resistant.

And it goes without saying that a utilitarian design need not be mundane. Especially, for a college laptop backpack.

Thankfully, the market is teeming with options that offer a perfect mélange of both. That’s precisely what makes selection daunting. Get out there to shop and your head will spin at the many options you have at hand.

As always, it’s time for the backpack guys to step in with our pick of the best options in the market that will make you drool.

Here you go.

  1. Bolang Water Resistant Nylon College Backpack

Best Laptop Backpack For CollegeA lot of people were surprised to see the Bolang Water Resistant Nylon laptop backpack as our #1 pick. We agree that with an unassuming appearance and a pocket friendly price tag, it does tend to get hidden under fancier and pricier options. But, with lots of storage room, a waterproof exterior and a lightweight construction, we are super impressed with the performance of this backpack as are a lot of other people.

It is no wonder that the Bolang grabs the spot for our top rated laptop backpack for college.

Lightweight and stylish

Weighing just above 0.5 kg, the Bolang Laptop backpack is one of the lightest options in the market. So, if you are just using it to carry a couple of notebooks or just your laptop, it will be easy on your shoulders.

It is not flimsy or cheaply made though. Instead, the nylon is tough and durable making it perfect for everyday use. Everything from the stitches to the buckles and other hardware are designed for long term use.

The backpack is available in an amazing 13 different color options and features contrasting zippers on some of the colors and matching ones on the rest.

Ample storage space

From school essentials to college books, laptops, snacks, gym gear, sunglasses and electronics, the Bolang has ample room to store it all. Don’t let the compact form factor (18.5″x12″x6″) fool you. This one can accommodate everything that you throw at it.

There is a main zippered compartment with a padded laptop sleeve which accommodates a 16 inch laptop and your large sized notebooks. This also features three pockets for frequently accessed items like your pens, keys, mobile phone and iPod. These pockets are designed perfectly for easy access and you will never struggle to get your things out of it.

There are two other zippered compartments which can be used to store your sundry details. All the compartments have polyester lining which keeps the electronics free from scratches.

The Bolang laptop backpack for college students also has two water bottle pockets on the side which makes it an equally good choice for hiking.


Whoever said that laptop backpacks for college needed to be sophisticated? The Bolang backpack is a refreshing and welcome change. It is simple, affordable and does what it is supposed to do.

  1.  Uoobag KT-01 College Laptop Bag

Uoobag KT-01 College Laptop Bag
With most students emphasizing on the importance of security, we analyzed some of the best backpacks for antitheft features and found the KT-01 from Uoobag to be a surprisingly good match. At under $40, the KT-01 brings unbeatable value to the table. It is waterproof, lightweight, antitheft and roomy enough to accommodate a 15.6 inch laptop among other things.

Thoughtful design

We have been reviewing backpacks for a while now and we have seen a lot of backpacks that ‘seem’ spacious at first glance. But you’d be surprised at how limited the storage space is once you open the main compartments. And then you have bags like the Uoobag KT-01 which are the opposite. It seems small and compact at first glance. But when you start storing things in it, you will be awed at the number of things you can store without it looking overloaded.

The main zippered compartment can easily store two large sized notebooks, a hard drive, your wallet, some smaller books and a 15.6 inch laptop. The only drawback that we could find is that it couldn’t accommodate a 15.6 inch gaming laptop. So, if you have a gaming laptop, you’d want to take a look at our #1 pick instead.

The front zippered compartment also has lots of storage space for books, your gym wear, snacks, makeup kit and other essentials. The quick access pockets for pens are in the front zippered compartment which is thoughtful, because it prevents the need to open the main secure compartment repeatedly.

Durable and guaranteed quality

The college backpack from Uoobag is one of the few options in the market that comes with a quality assurance and guarantee. Any problems with the stitching or the hardware and you can contact the company directly. We tried getting in touch with them and received a prompt response from the customer service team.

The backpack has an 88 lbs load bearing capacity which is more than sufficient for school and college use. This also allows you to lug it around for small hiking trips. It is constructed from water resistant nylon too.


Complete value for money. This is durable, safe and secure. It is available in three color choices, is water resistant and more spacious than our #1 pick. Hard to beat it.

  1. Frabicon Xplorer Men Laptop Backpack

Frabicon Xplorer Men Laptop Backpack
Our number #3 pick is for the budget friendly shopper looking for a laptop backpack that doesn’t cut corners and is not hard on the pocket either. The Xplorer from Frabicon is hands down the best option at this price point. It costs less than $20 and offers all the essential features that one would expect from a college backpack.

It features some of the most perfectly designed storage compartments making it easy to organize your stuff. Also, it has a 20L capacity making it roomy enough for everyday carry.

Easy organization

The Xplorer features a large main compartment with a padded laptop sleeve for 15 inch laptops. The sleeve also has a Velcro strap to protect the laptop and prevent it from accidentally falling out. This is flanked by a tablet pocket that accommodates a 9.7 inch iPad Pro or any similar sized tablet and the main storage section which has enough room for large sized books, clothes or other important details. Frequently accessed items can be stored in the mesh pocket.

If you run out of space in this main compartment, you can also store your tablet and your pens, keys and mobile phones in the front zippered compartment. The Xplorer also has a secured mesh side pocket for water bottles.

In all, there are 9 large and small sized compartments for easy organization.

Comfortable to carry

One of the standout features of the Xplorer is the functional design that makes it immensely easy to carry even when it is packed to the brim. The shoulder straps are padded and plush which is gentle and does not bite into your skin. Further, the bag has an ergonomic design with an airflow system that gives breathable cushioning to your back.


The Xplorer from Frabicon is a steal at the price. Spendthrift or not, if you like a good quality laptop backpack for college at a throwaway price, you just found it.

  1. Bolang 8474 Nylon Backpack

Bolang 8474 Nylon Backpack
The next one in our list of best laptop backpacks for college students is the Bolang 8474. This is almost identical to our #1 pick, the Bolang 8459. The only difference is a slightly curvy design which makes this a favorite with the ladies. Like most backpacks from Bolang, it is available in seven color choices.

Three large storage compartments

The 8474 with its three large and roomy storage compartments will let you store just about everything you’d need in a day in college. From a large 16 inch laptop to books, clothes, lunch, snacks, calculator, mobile phone, iPod and just about anything else that you consider an everyday essential.

All the storage compartments have a polyester lining to protect the contents and also have multiple smaller pockets for easy organization and quick access when you need instant access to your things without struggling to find it.

The side mesh bag is a neat addition and gives you easy access to your water bottle.

Ideal for long term use

As is apparent from the user comments and reviews that this backpack has received, it is designed for maintenance free long term use. There are students who have used this for months without even a single sign of wear and tear. The stitches, the hardware, the zippers and the material, everything is top notch.


Hard to go wrong with a Bolang product. The flawless customer ratings are only testimony to what we already know. If you are looking for something that can last you for years without any problem, go for the Bolang 8474.

  1. Lapacker Black Shockproof Laptop Backpack

Lapacker Black Shockproof Laptop Backpack
Last but not the least; we have the shockproof laptop backpack from Lapacker which manages to stand out with its urban styling and spacious design. Make no mistake, this is one of the best laptop backpacks for college. But the contemporary styling gives it an air of sophistication which also makes it ideal for business use.  At under $40, it easily rivals backpacks that are priced above $200.

Antitheft design with hidden pockets

Going one step further from the twin zippers which make it possible to secure the backpack with a padlock, the Lapacker Black laptop backpack features an antitheft and explosion proof zipper which cannot be slit open by a blade. You can be rest assured that the contents of the backpack will remain safe even if you leave it unattended for a while.

Further, there are hidden compartments both on the front face of the bag, as well as on the outside on the bottom of the bag which can be used to store emergency cash or your card. The pockets are so well concealed that the contents will be virtually undetectable.

Spacious with excellent padding

The Lapacker features one of the thickest padded sleeves for storing a 15.6 inch laptop. This shock absorbent padding keeps the laptop well protected from accidental bumps or even if the bag slips out of your hand. Further, there is a Velcro strap to ensure that the laptop doesn’t fall out of the sleeve.

Did we forget to mention that the main compartment accommodates two laptops at a time? Oh and there’s still ample room to store your books.

You will be amazed at the number of smaller pockets and sleeves that the bag has in the multiple storage compartments. If you are a stickler for organized backpacks, then you are going to love this one.

Despite the tons of storage space, it is so comfortable to carry thanks to the airflow backing system which provides excellent support to the back.


The Lacpacker is a surprise package in our list of best laptop backpacks for college students. If you fancy something that looks professional rather than young and trendy, then this is one of the best options that you have.

That’s it folks. Have your own favorite college backpack to add to this list? Drop us a line or mention it in the comments. Stay tuned for more updates from the backpack guys.

How to Embroider On a Backpack

The last time I met my friend Nina, I saw this beautiful embroidery on her backpack. Honestly, I thought it was pre-made, but then she told me that she made it on her own. And as I never shy away from learning these new tricks, I took all the information needed on how to embroider on a backpack from her.

Embroidering on your backpack quite an easy task. All you need is a needle and thread, well, different colors of thread to be specific. And trust me, be it your amazing backpack that you carry to college or the one that you use solely for traveling purposes, embroideries look beautiful on every one of them.

How to start

  • Select the area of the backpack – You first need to select the area where you want to embroider. Pick a surface that is wider. The part of the backpack you wish to embellish matters a lot.
  • Draw it out – Draw your idea or your design on a piece of paper first. Once you find it perfect, draw the outlines on your backpack with tailor’s chalk.
  • Check out for your embroidery supply – Check out if you have the perfect needles and threads of various colors. Preferably colors of your choice.
  • Use of the embroidery hoop – you need to use an embroidery hoop in order to hold the fabric taut. Well, some backpack materials are thick and your embroider hoop may not be able to hold it. In that case, be careful with using the embroidery hoop. Make sure you take care of the fact that how hard you pull on each stitch.
  • The right embroidery thread – if you want the best results, then use a color fast embroidery thread so that there will be no issues in the future while you wash your backpack.
  • The right type of thickness to your floss – Depending on your design, determine what type of thickness you want on your floss or yarn.
  • Start with the innermost section of your design—start stitching from the innermost section of your design. That will not only give you perfect outcome, but also give you the liberty to make any changes if you want. Or, you can also start by stitching with the darkest color.
  • Never let go of your fabric taut – you need to hold the fabric taut still while you are stitching. If you let it go even once, then the slightest of tugs on the embroidery floss may pucker the embroidery. Eventually, your backpack will pucker and it will look weird after you finish embroidering.
  • Tie the threads – always tie off each of the threads carefully so that it does not unravel later on.
  • Iron the area – after you finish embroidering your backpack, iron that particular area. It will make the area smooth. Your beautiful embroidery is ready.

So now if you want to embroider your backpack, here are the best ways that I have provided. Be sure to make the best out of it. Share us your pictures of embroidered backpacks below.

How to Draw On a Backpack

I still remember during my college days, my roommate used to try and draw on her backpack. I, however, always preferred my backpack to be simple. Although I loved what she used to draw, but sometimes she used to mess things up as she wasn’t a pro.

Well your backpack reveals a lot about your personality and if you are one of those who love designs, then you might consider drawing something on your backpack. It is quite easy and whether it’s your trendy backpack that you carry to college or the rough and tough one that accompanies you on your trips, these drawings will give a different look to all.

Whether you like it or not, drawing on your backpacks is trendy and most people love it. And if you also want to draw something on your backpack, but don’t know how to start with, then you may have to follow the simple steps below—

  • Step 1: Plan your drawing – Are you a fan of Goku or a Game of Thrones? Do you like cute furry animals or you like dragons? Decide what you want to draw on your backpack. It might be just your name or even a beautiful picture of your favorite cartoon character. Because once you draw something, there is no going back. Therefore, decide wisely. First draw that on a piece of paper, just to make sure you do not mess it up while you draw it on your backpack. What will you need? Well, you will need the following items—
  • Your Backpack of course, preferably a light colored one
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Paper
  • sharpie Marker preferably a permanent one
  • Fabric paint
  • Step 2: Let’s Draw – First draw the decided picture on your backpack. Make sure you first draw it with a pencil. When you are sure that the drawing has turned out to be perfect, then out line it with the sharpie marker. Outlining it with the marker will make the drawing more visible and distinct. The more the outlines are sharp; more the drawing will look beautiful.
  • Step 3: The Fun Part – Now here comes the fun part. Once you are done with outlining your drawing, start coloring them with fabric paint. Well this is my favorite part among all. Make sure you color the designs carefully. Do not let it out from the edge of your designs. Tada! Your drawing is ready and your backpack looks amazing! Oh yes! Let it dry.

What will you do if your backpack color is too dark to draw? Well, you can draw the design on a canvas first, and then stick it with glue on the surface of your backpack. For that you need a backpack with a large surface. But before you stick the canvas on the backpack, make sure you let the painting dry.

So no more dull and boring backpacks as here I have provided you the best ways on how to draw on your backpack. Grab your pencils and start drawing your favorite designs now. Let us know how it has turned out. Good luck!

How to Deal with a Heavy Backpack

I still remember during my school and college days I often had to go through the pain of carrying a heavy backpack. And I know how painful it can be as I have been through the same. But now when I go for trips or hiking, I do not really have to worry much about a heavy backpack as I can handle it pretty well.

Well it can be your trendy backpack that you carry to college or the one with lots of other features that you solely use for hiking, but if you are uncomfortable with it, you are never going to like the experience. So here are a few tips to you on how to handle a heavy backpack—

  • Distribute your weight – You know what you have to carry, you know how much weight you are going to carry, so why put it on the same place? When you pack your backpack, always remember that you need to distribute the weight all over. You cannot simply put it on the same place. Always remember that the heaviest items should be at the bottom of the backpack so that while you carry your backpack they are at the closest to your back. Make sure you adjust your straps well.
  • The heaviest items should be at the bottom – The heaviest items of your backpack should be put at the bottom of your backpack. The weight should always be close to your back. If you do not do that, your body will not be able to accept the weight properly and you will feel quite uncomfortable while walking. This might even affect the back of your body.
  • Do not just simply put everything – I see a lot of people just lugging everything on their backpack and carry it. Just because your backpack can carry weight, does not mean it should. So while you are packing, be wise enough to leave unwanted stuffs. For example you will not probably needing a hair styler or a straightner if you are going for a hiking. That is not that important. Leave the unnecessary stuffs at home.
  • Do not carry weight beyond your bodyweight – While you are carrying your backpack, always carry only 15% of your bodyweight. Never cross that limit. For instance, if you weigh 145 pounds, then you can carry a backpack that weighs 21 pounds at the most. Not beyond that. Weight beyond that might hamper the bottom of your body.
  • Always use both of the straps – Using one strap while carrying your backpack may make you feel tired and your back will not like it as well. Always carry your backpack with both of the straps. This way you can feel comfortable while walking.

Using heavy backpacks are quite mandatory at times but you can easily handle them well with the right way. All you have to do is do it with the right way. Follow these steps properly that I have provided you above and you are good to go.


How to Choose the Best Backpack

We all know the variety of backpack is endless with infinite numbers of shapes, size, color, style and weight. But what matters the most is that if you have chosen the right backpack for yourself. You can always find the trending backpacks or the ones with amazing style or some with great size and shapes, but how would you consider one to be the best one for you?

While you buy backpacks online, you can always find sites which give you a wide range of style, shape or size, but best backpacks that you can carry to college or to trips are hard to find. So here are a few things you need to take care of before you buy the best backpack for yourself. Before you go ahead and buy a backpack here are the first three things you need to take seriously—

  • Backpack fit – the backpack should fit you, it should not be of your height and look for the torso length.
  • Backpack capacity – the backpack capacity matters the most. It completely depends on your trip, how long your trip is, how much things you are going to need and how much weight you are going to carry on that particular trip.
  • Backpack features – backpack features are most important yet some people neglect it. Do not neglect it. An extra water bottle holder on your backpack is a boon.

However here I can give you a fair idea about the best backpack choices depending on some various other factors—

  • Backpack choices depending on your trip length – The backpacks that you are going to carry should depend on the nature of your trip and its length. Here is how—
  • Weekend – The weekend trips are hardly for 1-3 days. So you can carry less bulky backpacks say of somewhere around 30-50 liters. But be sure to do the packing the right way.
  • Multi days – In case if you are going for a trip that will take you 3- 5 days then you should carry a backpack of 50-80 liters.
  • Trips in winter or longer trips – If you are going for a trip for more than 5 days then you need a backpack of 70 liters or more. Even when its winter you might use the same backpack as you will need extra clothes pr shoes, some extra socks and hot water bottles.
  • Backpack choices depending on some features – You should also choose backpacks that have some extra features. For example extra pockets like elasticized side pockets, Hip belt pockets, shovel pockets and front pockets. Also look for sleeping bag compartment, Top lid, and padding and attachment points. If you see a backpack that has rain cover and hydration reservoir, never miss that one.
  • Backpack choices depending on the fit – Before you go ahead and buy a backpack always look for the size. Never buy a backpack of your same height. Always look for the torso length. Although all the ranges vary depending on various things. Such as the manufacturer and the gender. Always look for the product specification. The waist size is very important when you are looking for a backpack because 80% of your backpack’s weight should be supported by your hips. Therefore do not choose a backpack which is larger than your waist size. However if your backpack has load lifter straps and sternum straps then it’s the perfect one for you.

Choosing the right backpack is easy. All you have to do is pay a little attention. Now before you go ahead and buy a backpack, do follow these simple tips. Good Luck!

How to Attach Tent to Backpack – We found an easier way!

I have seen a lot of people struggling with the decision of whether to put the tent in the backpack or attach it outside. When it comes to attaching the tent outside the backpack, it requires a lot of attention as the wrong way will put you in trouble while carrying the backpack.

But before you go ahead and think about attaching the tent to your backpack, here are few things you might want to know—

  • Attaching the backpack outside will save you a lot of space inside.
  • But it may rip a hole in your gear when you put your backpack on the ground.
  • There might be a problem for you to balance your backpack.
  • The tent may fall off from your backpack.

But if you pack the tent inside your backpack, the following things you might want to know—

  • Less space inside your backpack.
  • Will never fall off from your backpack
  • Better balance while you are carrying your backpack
  • Your tent will be protected from the elements like rocks or branches.

Attaching the tent outside you backpack

The first thing you should remember that attaching a tent outside your backpack saves you a lot of space inside. However, if you are a beginner, then you might need a few tips on how to attach your tent outside your backpack—

  • Roll your tent perfectly – before you are going to put the tent anywhere, whether it’s outside or inside, you need to roll the tent body perfectly.
  • Using the Floating Lids – Well, most backpacks that you carry to your college and also for hiking or trips do have floating lids. The floating lids are actually top pockets attached to the pack with the help of 4 webbing straps. These are used to attach things like your tent body, sleeping pads or sleeping bags.
  • Put the tent body in the right place – Your tent is the heaviest item of all. Therefore, you need to put the tent a little higher in your body and quite close to your spine. If you put the tent in the lower lid, then that will hamper your body balance.
  • Put the tent horizontally – bulky items like tents, sleeping pads or sleeping bags should be put horizontally on your backpack.

Putting your tent inside the backpack

When you are putting the tent inside the backpack, you need to remember that it is the heaviest item in your backpack. Here are a few tips—

  • Put the tent directly at the top of your sleeping bag.
  • Avoid the tent’s stuff sack or else that will take more space in your backpack than needed.
  • Use a foldable tent.
  • Put the tent poles vertically on your backpack. Put them in the gap between the back of your backpack and the sleeping bag. That will save you a lot of space.
  • As the tent is the heaviest item in your backpack, therefore put the tent at the highest of your body and closer to your spine. That will balance your backpack while you are carrying it.

So here I have provided you the best ways to attach your tent on your backpack. You can either attach it outside your backpack or put it inside. It totally depends on you.

How to Attach Sleeping Bag to Backpack? Great For Camping!

Whether it’s your first ever trip or you have been to over hundreds of trips, you still find it quite a lot of work when it comes to attaching your sleeping bag to backpack. It is not at all an easy task to be honest. However, packing your backpack the right way will give you the right control and balance over your backpack.

When it comes to attaching your sleeping bag to the backpack, it largely depends upon the type of your backpack. You may use a backpack that you carry to college or you might use the backpack solely for trips, what you need to concentrate is whether the backpack has external frames or internal frames.

If your backpack has external frames then you may consider attaching the sleeping bag to the outside of your backpack. And if your backpack has internal frames, store the bag inside the backpack.

Here are a few tips on how to attach the sleeping bag to your backpack—

  • Most of the sleeping bags that are designed for backpacks come with a compression sack. So put the sleeping bag in its compression sack. That will minimize the size of the sleeping bag.
  • Pull the cords of the compression sack on each side. That will tighten the compression sack. Make sure you compress it evenly on the both sides.
  • Remember to cover your sleeping bag with a dry plastic cover or any plastic cover. That will protect your sleeping bag from moisture or rain. Fully seal the plastic.
  • If you want to store your sleeping bag inside the backpack, then store it at the bottom of your backpack. You will see many backpacks have the facility of storing the sleeping bag in a specific compartment in the backpack. If you have one those facilities then consider storing your sleeping bag in that compartment. When you keep your sleeping bag inside the backpack, it stays more safe and protected.
  • If you want to attach your sleeping bag outside your backpack then you need to load all the other stuffs inside first. Pack your backpack according the method. The heavier items will be at the top directly against your back and centered in the pack, the lighter items should be at the bottom and the slightly heavy items should be kept in the mid-upper part.
  • Now when it comes to attaching your sleeping bag at the outside of your backpack, attach it at the lower part of your external frame. As you know, the sleeping bag is slightly heavy; you need to keep the sleeping bag as close to your back as possible. That will balance your backpack while you are carrying it. How to attach it? Get a pair of accessory straps to wrap around and then lash the sleeping bag to the frame.
  • You need to wrap the straps around the lash points of the backpack. Now center the sleeping bag just under the main backpack. After that, place each strap a few inches away from each end of the sleeping bag.
  • In order to secure your sleeping bag on the pack, tighten both the straps. Make sure it only moves when the pack moves; not independently.

Attaching the sleeping bag to your backpack is easy. All you have to do is follow the steps and you are good to go.

How to wash a backpack – Keeping your backpack clean and tidy

The backpack has always been quite an essential part of everyone’s life. From carrying books for your college to carrying your belongings while you travel, backpacks do it all. And eventually, your backpack starts to become filthy and smelly due to all the dirt, food and everyday wear and tear. Well if you regularly wipe your backpack then it might keep the dirt away for a while, but your backpack needs a proper cleaning once a while.

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How to Add Water Bottle Pockets to Your Backpack? The Easy Way!

In my earlier days when I used to travel or go hiking, I often used to run out of water even before reaching my destination. The reason – I did not use to pack enough water bottles. Most backpacks have only one water bottle pocket on the outside, but honestly that is not enough. So what did I do? I added some more water bottle pockets to my backpack.

Adding water bottle pockets to your backpack is quite easy and it does not take much time. The idea behind this project is to increase the amount of water one can take to outdoor without compromising on the volume of their backpacks.

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The Best Laptop Briefcase for Men Found By the Backpack Guys

It was a casual banter with a friend over coffee which quickly diverted towards laptop briefcases. His old leather warhorse had just bitten dust and I had just rewarded myself with the best laptop briefcase for men that money can buy. Quite naturally, eyeballs were drawn to my swanky new man bag and a little jealousy ensued.

Never weary of doling out advice, we discussed style, practicality, features and durability. The caveat was that we don’t exactly share the same workplace. He happens to be an attorney and I am a software engineer. Would our definitions of the ideal laptop briefcase ever match?

To that end, we at the backpack guys decided to pick for you, a list of the best laptop briefcases for men in the market.

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